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March 31, 2010

This is me and Hank.  Hank is coming to New Zealand with us so when I go to bed in places I don’t know I still have something with me that is familiar.  (I met a baby that takes their own sheets so the bed smells the same as at home, and another friend took their cot mobile travelling with them).  I’m happy Hank will be with me.  It’s very cuddly and all the different coloured tags feel different too.  I was given Hank by my friends Noa and Henry who both have their own Hank because their grandma makes them.  Only one more sleep until we’re in New Zealand.  Hooray!

Our big backyard

March 30, 2010

The Brisbane City Gardens are only a block away from our house and is one of our regular walking spots.  The pond by the park entrance is covered in beautiful big pink flowers at the moment and looks magical.  Today we visited some of my friends there.  Iris the Ibis, Liz the Lizard and Debbie the Duck all came up to the path to hang out with me.  Does anyone know who the black bird with the red nose is (top right hand side of the picture below)?  She didn’t come over to say hello and Mum doesn’t know what kind of bird she is so we were just wondering so we can introduce ourselves next time.

Where is the green sheep?

March 29, 2010

I go to Mum’s book club with her but I don’t like the books they read, so I thought I’d start my own book club.  The first book is one of my favourites: “Where is the Green Sheep” by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.  It’s about a crazy flock of sheep.  There’s a red one and a blue one, a moon one and a star one, a band one and a clown one, but nobody knows where the green sheep is.  The brave one that can dive off the high board, and the wave one that can surf are my favourites.  Mum says I will be able to see real sheep when we are in New Zealand this weekend.  I wonder if I’ll see any of the sheep that are in the book.  Maybe the rain one?  I like the book best when Mum is reading about all the different sheep in the flock, and then Dad keeps asking me “But where is the green sheep?”  It’s so much fun it makes me laugh – and I now I KNOW where the green sheep is, but I’m not going to tell you, you have to read it to find out.

PS.  Thanks to Linda for giving me this fantastic book!

PPS.  Check out this you tube: “The Green Sheep’s Adventures” – it’s very funny!

Quiet Sunday breakfast interrupted

March 28, 2010

We were just having a nice, quiet family Sunday breakfast at a local spot when a parade came marching past!  Mum and Dad marched me around to the music (how typical).  Then Dad told me that the marching band was there especially for me.  Fortunately, Mum has taught me how to google and so I found out the real reason.

Back to the bush

March 27, 2010

Mt Coot-tha is a regular walking spot for us because it’s only 15 minutes from our home in the CBD.  There is a fantastic lookout where you can see right across Brisbane and there are heaps of different walking tracks with picnic spots and barbeques, creeks and waterfalls and lots of shade.  Today we started at the look out point car park and went on a track that took us down the hill to a picnic spot and back up again.  Dad says that he can tell I’ve grown because this time he was puffing and sweating on his way back up the hill.  The photo is of Dad and I going down to check out what’s in the creek.

Chocolate eggs and bunnies (oh, and carrots)

March 26, 2010

Only 6 more sleeps and we’ll be in New Zealand!  In preparation, Mum and I went on a special shopping trip for Easter treats.  I chose the little dark chocolate eggs for Dad because that’s his favourite kind of chocolate; the kissing chocolate bunnies are for my aunty and her boyfriend; the big chocolate egg is for my great grandma; and the chocolate carrots are for abuela, because she likes to eat healthily.

Junior lobbyist fighting for my first cause

March 25, 2010

Recently in Brisbane there has been some debate about if smoking in the inner city streets, particularly the Queen St Mall, should be banned.  (For those who don’t live in Brisbane, smokers can’t legally light up inside pubs, clubs, restaurants or work places, so this means smokers take smoko out on to the footpath).  Whilst the Brisbane City Council is considering this smoke free move to combat cigarette butt littering I would like the council to also consider this.  Cigarettes swing from walking smokers’ arms, or dangle down at smokers’ sides as they lean against the external wall of their office building – and what height are dangling and swinging cigarettes?  They are at pram height!  My city walks take me straight through the nicotine haze.  A ban would not only achieve the Council’s goal of a butt free footpath but also cleaner air for little lungs.

Farmers’ Markets

March 24, 2010

The Farmers’ Markets were on in the city today and Mum and I went a little crazy with the shopping:  strawberries and figs (which I think Mum has finished already), Shepard avocadoes, Royal Gala apples, a couple of persimmon, cheese and gourmet olives.  I think we visited almost every stall.  I was so tired at the end of our expedition that I fell asleep on the way home and slept most of the afternoon.

My cheeks are so big, I can barely see over them

March 23, 2010

Coffee with Kim

March 22, 2010

Mum and I love meeting up with friends for coffee (decaf, so I’m not hyper) and living in the city centre means that my pram is regularly parked in a local coffee shop.  This is Kim giving me a cuddle at the Market St Café.  Kim and Mum talked and talked and talked so long that we accidentally missed Mummy and Me Yoga!