Baby goes bush

My first day out bush walking was so much fun!  We went to Springbrook National Park which is only a couple of hours drive from home.  It was so exciting walking through the rain forest in a big loop from the look out, down to the bottom of a waterfall and back up again.  There were lots of stairs and it was a bit slippery because it has been wet – but it wasn’t a very hard walk.   Mum and Dad weren’t even puffing even though Dad was carrying me and Mum was carrying the picnic.   I’ve posted a photo of the three of us just before we walked under the waterfall and got all wet!

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2 Responses to “Baby goes bush”

  1. robyn Says:

    Wait til you weigh a bit more Ana, and then Mum and Dad might be puffing when they climb up and down mountains with you! Though since Mum uses you as her weight to do squats etc, maybe not!

  2. A jolly good bush walk « Travelling with Ana Says:

    […] great bush walks close to Brisbane here and here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)time to exercise!Walk in the Park – […]

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