Junior lobbyist fighting for my first cause

Recently in Brisbane there has been some debate about if smoking in the inner city streets, particularly the Queen St Mall, should be banned.  (For those who don’t live in Brisbane, smokers can’t legally light up inside pubs, clubs, restaurants or work places, so this means smokers take smoko out on to the footpath).  Whilst the Brisbane City Council is considering this smoke free move to combat cigarette butt littering I would like the council to also consider this.  Cigarettes swing from walking smokers’ arms, or dangle down at smokers’ sides as they lean against the external wall of their office building – and what height are dangling and swinging cigarettes?  They are at pram height!  My city walks take me straight through the nicotine haze.  A ban would not only achieve the Council’s goal of a butt free footpath but also cleaner air for little lungs.

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One Response to “Junior lobbyist fighting for my first cause”

  1. Abuela Wood Says:

    Go for it, junior lobbyist! You have my support. I am not without sympathy for those who can’t give up their ciggies – after all, Ana, Abuela Wood could not imagine life without chocolate. (Marshmallow Easter eggs are proving to be especially addictive right now.) The difference is that my chocolate eating takes place in the privacy of my own home and I do not flick my wrappers wherever I happen to be standing – and most of all, it will not have any long-term effect on you. I add to your request that those who must smoke might take themselves off somewhere that you, my precious little one, do not have to breathe in their poisonous fumes.

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