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Zero and three quarters

September 30, 2010

Me at zero and three quarters:

  • Clapping my hands and waving good bye are my most recently acquired skills
  • I have half a bottom left tooth which is just enough to get a good bite out of a slice of watermelon
  • When my nappy is being changed I flip myself over and crawl away in the split second between Mum putting down the used wipe and picking up the clean nappy
  • Getting Mum out of bed a couple of times a night is still essential
  • Plants, animals, music, bath time and sitting 10cm away from our big tv are some of my favourite things
  • When Mum’s phone rings I dance to the tune
  • Cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, watermelon and bananas are my favourite foods.  I’m not a fan of avocado but Mum clearly hasn’t worked that out yet
  • My best play mate is the girl in the mirror

Stormy weather

September 29, 2010

These Brisbane afternoon storms aren’t going to stop Mum and me getting out and about!  I just wish the rain coat for my buggy was see-through.  I have to pull it down and peak over the top to see where we are going and then my face gets all wet.

Team bright green

September 28, 2010

It was too wet to play outside today so Lanky, Prince and I raced around the living room in our One-Mum-Powered car.

Lanky, Prince and me dressed in our team colours

Me at the wheel. I did the fastest lap and without crashing!

The caped foodie

September 27, 2010

I flick my bib around to the back and become the superhero of meal times.  My utility belt is stocked with plastic spoons and I fly through my chicken vege mash and yoghurt.

The supermarket roller coaster

September 26, 2010

We went to the big supermarket today and it has these really cool roller coasters.

Woah! Hold on tight. Here we go!

Mum entrusted me to look after her wallet. I was holding it very carefully with both hands.


I thought we should try these. I put them in the trolley but Mum put them back on the shelf.

I was allowed to take some of these though.

That was way more fun than going to our little local supermarket in the pram.  I hope I can ride the supermarket roller coaster again soon!

Guest reader

September 25, 2010

When we went to the airport today I thought we were picking up Papi… but it was grandpa!  We got home just in time for him to read me my bedtime story.

The green artist

September 24, 2010

My medium of choice is shaving cream and green paint

The greater the artist the bigger the mess?

Mum isn’t sure how she’s going to get the green out from under my finger nails but she thought the picutre I painted was beautiful!

My funky fortress

September 23, 2010

A newly acquired ability to crawl and a penchant for electronic cords has resulted in a funky fortress popping up in our living room.

I can watch Mum through the gaps

Hitting the maracas against the fortress walls makes a great noise!

Inside there's a tunnel with a ball that hangs down from the roof

And if I crawl through the tunnel I find my toy box!

Another parcel in the post for me

September 22, 2010

Hmmm, it says it's from my abuela in New Zealand. I wonder what she sent me?

I like this wrapping made of bubbles.

Mum was SHOUTING OUT MY NAME so she could take a nice photo of me, but I couldn't hear her!

These are so cool – now I can go to loud things without my parents getting all worried I’m going to damage my hearing…  AND I look like a rock star.  Thanks abuela and Iggy!


September 21, 2010

After my bath tonight Mum said she had some camouflage gear for me and put me in my spotty suit.  You’re hilarious Mum.

Joking aside, I’m feeling much better and my spots are starting to fade.  Mum thinks that maybe the doctors weren’t quite right in their chicken’s spots diagnosis.  But she doesn’t mind.  She’s just pleased that I’m on the mend.