Pinetarsol bath

The doctor suggested I should bathe in Pinetarsol to stop my spots getting itchy.  It was a bit smelly but my ducks didn’t mind.

3 Responses to “Pinetarsol bath”

  1. Evil Gym Mom Says:

    In my experience, the younger they are the more spots they get but the quicker they get over feeling unwell; and the older they are the less spots they get but the longer the feeling grotty is.
    The length of time for the spots to go away is the same however.
    Jess had it at age nearly 3, had spots on spots but was only grotty for one day. Tink, though, had it age 6, not so many spots but was grotty/tired for 2-3 days – and very peeved at missing a gym comp! A friend’s hubby got it and he was very crook
    Either way, no daycare til the spots are old and not weeping – which I’m sure they’ve told you! Damn pox is contagious for sometime before you even know you have it….

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    Well, Ana, with your pretty smile back, it looks like the Pinetarsol might be taking away the itch and that, in itself, will make you feel better. After its Pinetarsol bath, your duck won’t feel itchy either. xx

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