Another parcel in the post for me

Hmmm, it says it's from my abuela in New Zealand. I wonder what she sent me?

I like this wrapping made of bubbles.

Mum was SHOUTING OUT MY NAME so she could take a nice photo of me, but I couldn't hear her!

These are so cool – now I can go to loud things without my parents getting all worried I’m going to damage my hearing…  AND I look like a rock star.  Thanks abuela and Iggy!

3 Responses to “Another parcel in the post for me”

  1. Abuela Wood Says:

    Ana, the woman who sold me the hearing protectors said they are made for children to wear when they are mowing the lawns. So there you go, Papi – a strategic succession plan! xx

  2. dad Says:

    You are a rock star abuela! Looking forward to seeing you soon my favourite mother in law… 😀

  3. Abuela Wood Says:

    Looking forward to your visit, too, favourite son-in-law 🙂

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