Zero and three quarters

Me at zero and three quarters:

  • Clapping my hands and waving good bye are my most recently acquired skills
  • I have half a bottom left tooth which is just enough to get a good bite out of a slice of watermelon
  • When my nappy is being changed I flip myself over and crawl away in the split second between Mum putting down the used wipe and picking up the clean nappy
  • Getting Mum out of bed a couple of times a night is still essential
  • Plants, animals, music, bath time and sitting 10cm away from our big tv are some of my favourite things
  • When Mum’s phone rings I dance to the tune
  • Cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, watermelon and bananas are my favourite foods.  I’m not a fan of avocado but Mum clearly hasn’t worked that out yet
  • My best play mate is the girl in the mirror

5 Responses to “Zero and three quarters”

  1. Iggy Says:

    Abuela Wood has held a party tonight. The party was for a friend from Sydney who is staying with us now. She is zero and three quarters times 80 !! Get Papi or Mum to tell you how many candles that is!!!!!

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    Ana, a highlight of my day is seeing you clap hands and wave on Skype. What a happy, chatty, clever girl you are!

  3. Semi-Crunchy Mama Says:

    These little milestones are just amazing, aren’t they?! I love that you’re taking the time to document each of these moments — this blog will be such a cherished keepsake for both you & Ana to look back on as she grows.

    I wanted to thank you — I saw that you mentioned my blog as one that you like to read in your interview on Kiwi Mommy Blogs, and I’m so humbled. It’s just mind-boggling that there’s other people out there who enjoy what I write. Thank you again for the mention…I’m going to have a smile on my face for the rest of the day! 🙂

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