Stylish dad contest

Papi doesn’t know this… but a few months ago I secretly entered this photo in the Baby Bjorn stylish dad contest!

Mum thought he should win a Papi of the year award since he’s looking after me and preparing dinner at the same time.  Anyway, we didn’t win the big prize, but we did get a nice surprise today when the Baby Bjorn people sent us one of their new cups in the mail.


My cup is just like this but in bright green which is one of my favourite colours.

To have a look at all the other stylish dads click here.  (The first 3 photos are the winners).  Mum thinks Papi is the most stylish but she says she declares a bias in the subject.


2 Responses to “Stylish dad contest”

  1. Brismod Says:

    Your Papi was ripped off, Ana. It looks like it was a random draw! Nice cup by the way. x

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    If Baby Bjorn was going to have a favourite son-in-law contest your Papi would win hands down! xx

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