Crawling inspection

I thought it was just  a dream last night when Papi was giving me a cuddle… but this morning he was really home from his trip!  I have made some rearrangements since he has been away (such as the build of the funky fortress and some pictures on the walls) so I took him on a crawling tour to inspect my work.  He was very impressed, both with my handiwork and with my crawling technique.


5 Responses to “Crawling inspection”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh, so very cute!!! Our little Alice is now moving – but backwards! Hasn’t worked out how to go forward yet! Cute!

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    Good morning, Ana. Please give your Mum and Papi a big happy wedding anniversary kiss from Abuela and Iggy. xx

    • Ana Says:

      Mum says thank you!! Papi is on food and bath duty for me tonight and I can see she’s trying to prepare a special meal for them. I’ve also over heard her organising a babysitter for me for Saturday night – I guess celebrating twice for their second anniversary makes sense!

  3. Abuela Wood Says:

    Ah! That makes sense. Two dinners for the second wedding anniversary, ten dinners for the tenth anniversary, fifty dinners for the golden wedding anniversary. Please tell Mum I like her style! xx

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