Something for Papi and a winner

Today’s photo is chosen especially for Papi (who is away on business at the moment) because he told me that when he’s travelling he likes to log into my blog every moment he gets.  This photo of us together will be a nice surprise for sure.

He will extra happy today that Mum is reluctantly admitting defeat on the name of my lion too.  Although she does want to point out she thinks it was hardly a fair poll with all the canvasing Papi did on facebook for ‘Roberto’ votes.


3 Responses to “Something for Papi and a winner”

  1. John Faris Says:

    I guess the lesson for today is that all is fair (i.e. unfair) in love and war. Sorry Mum.

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    Or perhaps the lesson is that Facebook is a more effective canvassing tool than email. Important that you should be right up-to-date with all the new technologies, Ana. Tell Mum we did our best by emailing New Zealand rellies but have to concede we were outclassed by the Argentineans this time round! xx
    What a lovely photo of you with your Papi. Lucky girl.

  3. Iggy Says:

    Ana, Your Papi is a lovely man. Not many would organise a Facebook campaign to help their daughter with naming a lion!

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