Indoor mountaineering has become a favourite passtime.

At the summit of Mt TV

Ascending Mt Coffee Table

Taking the alternate (and somewhat more challenging) route to Mt Coffee Table over Couches Pass

On the phone at the summit of Mt Coffee Table before ascending Mt Desk (when the camera crew quit taking photos and became the safety team)

6 Responses to “Mountaineering”

  1. Iggy Says:

    Hi Ana,
    Ask Mum and Papa to get you one of these when you are two. Just imagine how quickly you will be able to get to the office and back. No need for lifts, just get direct to your balcony! With your head for heights it will be easy!

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    Iggy came up with a somewhat more economical idea – tie a belt around Mum’s waist with a rope attached to a pulley in the ceiling which was tied around your waist, Ana. That way, Mum can be your anchor woman.
    From Abuela – Mum will be your anchor woman one way or another for as long as you live, cos you got yourself one awesome Mum!

  3. dad Says:

    Ana you are a little daredevil!

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