A Nike moment

I decided to have Nike moment today and “Just Did It”.  All I needed was the swoosh symbol on my dress and a camera crew with steady cam.

5 Responses to “A Nike moment”

  1. John Faris Says:

    How typical with her high achieving parents not to start with just a single step or two but to take quite so many. Fabulous bit of video to have on record. Very well done Ana.

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    Okay – you know how to bring tears to Abuela’s eyes and a huge smile to her face! Your Mum did exactly what you just did. Not one or two little steps for her the first time, but right across the room to hand peanuts out to her grandparents! If you continue to follow in your mother’s footsteps, as it were, you will go far. xx

  3. Iggy Says:

    Hey Ana, With such pace and endurance I can see you being in the Olympics sprint races in 2032! I can hear the chant already – Go Ana Go

  4. dad Says:

    Oh my! Can’t wait to see you little princess!

  5. Aunty VJ Says:

    Not sure how I missed this one but I was told to go back for another look! If the file is small enough, can you please email it to me so that I can take it to June’s where there is no internet? Very exciting!

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