The after bath game for sweet dreams

Whenever Papi can he gives me my night time bath, then wraps me up tightly in a towel and takes me to Mum saying: “Look what I’ve found.  It’s a little baby!”  Then Mum exclaims “What a beautiful baby!” and gives me a big kiss.  It’s a game I never get sick of!

2 Responses to “The after bath game for sweet dreams”

  1. Iggy Says:

    Hi Ana, We are now back at home after about 1900km on the road. Lovely friends, good times and fun. Not quite as good as having a bath! Please tell Mum that Diana is talking to Dick and Sandra in Christchurch – and I am eavesdropping! It seems that they have been shaken but not injured – and might come up here to have some time away from aftershocks. We would love if if they did. Then we could show them your blog!

    • Ana Says:

      Great to hear you are back. Mum and I have missed catching up on skype – not to mention my blog has been light on comments with the two of you away! Mum says thanks for the update on Dick and Sandra and hopefully we can talk this week. xx

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