Life after Diva

This is how Papi took me to my office today now that Diva has gone

It's the best mode of transport ever!


5 Responses to “Life after Diva”

  1. Abuela Wood Says:

    What fun to travel behind Papi along the river bank. xx

  2. John Faris Says:

    …. and looking very grown up sitting in the bike seat too.

  3. Iggy Says:

    Hi Ana, You will have to yell “Faster, Faster!” loudly so that Papi can hear you! You would not want to be late to you office because Papi was toooooo sloooow!

  4. dad Says:

    … it is hard work!

  5. Abuela Wood Says:

    No wonder you are in such good shape, Papi!

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