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Proof of Papi running a red light!

April 30, 2011

And I was in the car! But don’t panic!! Going “right on a red” is legal in Oregon (as long as nothing is coming of course).

But get this: it’s illegal to “pump your own gas”. Mum says that’s going to be handy especially on a freezing cold morning when the car is running on empty.

Aussie imports

April 29, 2011

I don't even know what Australian style yoghurt is. Especially when the flavours are 'Dulce de Leche' and 'Maple'

Tim Tams! But where is Pepperidge Farm? And why is it called Australia's favourite sandwich cookie?

Papi says you can buy an Aussie red here for less than in Australia! Who knew?

Mum says I'm the best Aussie import of all.

The big swoosh workout

April 28, 2011

We’ve just come home with a trolley load of goodies from the Nike Employee Store (Mum scored us some passes) and now Papi is leading us all in a “big swoosh” workout in our new gear. It consists of side stretches, sumo ball lifts, squats and finishes off with blowing a kiss. (Check out my new lacelss blue converse shoes when I pick up the ball. Mum is jealous because they didn’t come in her size).

Daily breakfast ritual

April 27, 2011

Step 1: Pick off any nut chunks big enough to be eaten individually.

Step 2: lick off the remaining nut butter.
Step 3: Nibble through the bread bit.
Step 4: wash it all down with milk.

The pink ball

April 26, 2011

Mum took me to a room filled with lots of coloured balls.

I chose the pink one.
I had to play with the red one when my pink one was unfairly taken.
Ha! But then she dropped it and it was MINE again!
When it was time to put them away I took MINE over to Mum so we could take it home.
We were at Little Movers and Shakers and the Tyson Rec Center.

The “Hi!” “Bye!” game

April 25, 2011

Tulips and giant wooden shoes

April 24, 2011

Tulips in all different colours as far as I could see.

I have no idea how anyone walks in these shoes.
Going for a ride in one was much more fun.
Mum and I chose a bowl of red tulips like the ones in the front of the picture to take home. We’ve put them on the balcony by the glass door so we can watch them grow.
Getting muddy in the gardens was the best bit of the day. Mum says I’m doing the laundry tonight.

 We were at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Tulip Fest.


Easter Egg Hunt

April 23, 2011

No one had introduced me to the Easter Bunny so I decided to stroll over and introduce myself.

I prioritised picking up the pink ones.
Cracking open our loot.

Mum’s new car

April 22, 2011
I would love to take it for a spin but I’m limited by the fact that I can either have my hands up on the steering wheel OR my feet on the pedals but I’m not able to get both in the right place at the same time.
In the passenger seat is Sally.  Lucy met her at the car insurance office and invited her home with us.

Lucy’s new car

April 21, 2011

Lucy has a new car! It has soup lid wheels, yoghurt pot head lights, a giant strawberry punnet windscreen and a toilet roll exhaust.

I choose the exterior decor specifically with Lucy in mind.
The feathers really worked don’t you think? Lucy Loved it!