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Mum’s birthday

May 31, 2011

There was no unpacking or tidying up today because it’s Mum’s birthday!  We started the day off with me taking Mum to Kornblatt’s New York Deli to share a big plate of vege hash and poached eggs.  Then we walked it off with a big long walk admiring the grand turn of the century homes that stand proud on the hills to the West of our neighbourhood.  When we got home there was a big bunch of flowers waiting on the porch from Papi (he’s away for work).  I think that made her day.  Now we’re wrapping up the day with watermelon gelato at Mio Gelato.  I think that’s coming in a close second.

We couldn't get through all the vege hash, it will be nice reheated for dinner!

Peanut butter and jelly in the Pearl

May 30, 2011

This morning we took a short stroll from our house into the Pearl district and I achieved a new milestone.  My first all American peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

And it was goooooood.

We were at Lovejoy Bakery on Lovejoy street in the Pearl.

The big table project

May 29, 2011

In the middle of the unpacking and sorting we’ve embarked on a family project.  What’s a little more mess?  We’re turning our old, tired looking outdoor table into a shiny, new dining room table.  Mum and Papi have been taking turns all weekend to sand off the peeling varnish.  I choose the new colour from the Home Depot but you’ll have to wait to see what that is!

A before shot.

Papi's turn at the sanding.

Stay tuned for a look at the finished product!


May 27, 2011

Unpacking is fun.  I’ve been reunited with some of my favourite things.

Mum put the batteries back into Daniella and I was away and rocking!

It was great to play with my coloured blocks again.

And a big kiss and cuddle for Roberto.

Now we just have to get reunited with the internet!  We’re in the supermarket cafe today.  The connection is slooooooow.  Fortunately the bagels, cream cheese and tea are delicious!


May 25, 2011

We’re not completely unpacked and the house should be declared a disaster area, but we have officially moved into our new home.

The truck is here!

It was my job to check off the box numbers as they came into the house.

and direct the unloaders which rooms the boxes should go in. We got most of them right.

Then for the unpacking. We haven't finished that part yet.

We haven’t got ourselves connected yet either so this post is brought to you from a local cafe with free wi-fi.  We might be having a lot of coffee out this week!

Packing and cleaning AGAIN!

May 22, 2011

I’ve lost count of how any times we’ve spent the day packing and cleaning over the last few months but tomorrow we’re finished with living out of a suitcase in temporary accommodation and moving into our new home.  Yipeeee!

Portland Farmers’ Markets

May 21, 2011

We were at Portland Farmers’ Market at PSU.

What are sunny days good for?

May 20, 2011

Playing outside with my sunhat on.

having a slide.

Playing in a big bubble.

Solving a mathematical equation.

Befriending the people with the frisbee so I can play too.

and for Mum to play with her new camera.

8 pin bowling

May 19, 2011

Mum and I have been playing 8 pin bowling with my soccer ball and empty milk bottles.

But I scored much better when I was using my hands to knock the pins down.

5 pins down! How many points is that?

Cabin fever

May 18, 2011

This morning Mum and I cleaned the house, sorted out paperwork and researched parking permits and day care centres near our new house.  By lunch time I was ready to get out of the house.  So I packed Lucy into my handbag, said goodbye to Mum and marched to the front door.  Everything was fine, until I realised that I’m not tall enough to open the front door by myself yet.

Lucy and I had cabin fever.

Unfortunately Mum wasn't picking up on the hint. Lucy and I had to wait a very long time before we finally went out to do the supermarket shopping.