Mum’s birthday

There was no unpacking or tidying up today because it’s Mum’s birthday!  We started the day off with me taking Mum to Kornblatt’s New York Deli to share a big plate of vege hash and poached eggs.  Then we walked it off with a big long walk admiring the grand turn of the century homes that stand proud on the hills to the West of our neighbourhood.  When we got home there was a big bunch of flowers waiting on the porch from Papi (he’s away for work).  I think that made her day.  Now we’re wrapping up the day with watermelon gelato at Mio Gelato.  I think that’s coming in a close second.

We couldn't get through all the vege hash, it will be nice reheated for dinner!

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9 Responses to “Mum’s birthday”

  1. Brismod Says:

    Best wishes to you Mum, Ana. We had a special birthday here as well with a little three year old. xx

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    It was a very special morning when your Mum arrived into the world – mid-winter in Christchurch New Zealand. We were all thrilled to see such a gorgeous little girl. We celebrate your Mum every day, and on 31 May especially. Give Papi a hug from Abuela – flowers are the best! xx

  3. John Faris Says:

    It was indeed a very special day when your Mum arrived. As Jose is in Mexico, you will have to give him two big kisses – one from him and one from you.

  4. Iggy Says:

    Please wish your Mum a “Happy Birthday!” from us in NZ. If it were my birthday, I would choose a meal with desserts like the chocolate mousse at Mio Gelato. I would have the same for my entree as well!

  5. Aunty VJ Says:

    Happy Birthday to Mum! I was going to try and skype tonight but just remembered that you don’t have internet yet. Would love to say it properly when you’re reconnected. xx

  6. Evil Gym Mom Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!!!!!

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