A game of cat and Ana

I could hear Meow in the garden.

And then I could see Meow in the garden.

Meow scuttled under a bush

and I crawled after her.

She went down the alley... and I chased after her. I was gaining on her.

Back up the alley... and I ran after her as fast as I could. I was very close behind now.

Up a giant tree.  I had no chance.  Mum declared Meow the winner of that game and we went inside for dinner.

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5 Responses to “A game of cat and Ana”

  1. Abuela Wood Says:

    Maybe you could learn to s-t-a-l-k like Meow, then whe wouldn’t know you were there. Or perhaps you could learn to scramble up trees like Meow.

  2. Iggy Says:

    Hola Ana, The story for the “one that got away” is always better in later years. By the time you get as old as Abuela, Iggy, John and Abuelo, Meow will be a full-size cougar. Man, they are BIG !!!

    • Ana Says:

      Didn’t you see Meow in the pictures? She already IS the size of a cougar! (And that tree, it was really, really, really high)

  3. Our neighbour’s secret « Travelling with Ana Says:

    […] favourite pastime of mine is to go hunting for Meow at the back of our house when I get home from the office.  I didn’t find Meow today, but I […]

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