Parents magazine give me the thumbs up!

Exciting news!  My blog is featured in the November issue of Parents magazine in an article about babies and toddlers online, “From Gaga to Google.”  They recommend my blog if “Aussie accents and Down-Under-style spelling tickle your fancy” and commented on this post and this post.

The other two featured blogs are: Coles First Blog and Tiny Sartorialist.  They are both also worth checking out.

PS.  If you want to read the article and don’t have as keen eyesight as me then click on it to make it bigger!

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8 Responses to “Parents magazine give me the thumbs up!”

  1. marshall ace Says:

    Thanks for the mention Ana and congrats to you! We are baby blogging allstars! I haven’t gotten the issue yet but can’t wait to see it! xo Marshall Ace/tiny sartorialist

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    How exciting to be famous right across all the people who read Parents Magazine. I hope you don’t dream up any Paris Hilton-like antics to keep your place in the limelight. Your blogs are the high point of our day, just as they are. No need for serious shenanigans to attract attention. Paris has much to learn from you, Ana!

  3. Iggy Says:

    Wow! You are on the way to being rich and famous! Don’t worry, I will still be your real friend. You can depend on Abuela to be your real friend as well.

    • Ana Says:

      Well, maybe just famous. There was no money involved, but that’s ok, Mum and Papi buy everything I need anyway so I don’t need any money.

  4. Brismod Says:

    Woo hoo Ana! I knew you were a star! xx (Your Mum’s not bad either)

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