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Celebrating being two

December 31, 2011

If this is what being two is all about… then I LOVE being two!

First thing in the morning Mum and Papi hung balloons on the trees outside and all over my play room just for me! I got to choose which colours went together in the bunches.

But I was really surprised when I got up from my nap to see that Dora and her friends turned up to wish me happy birthday.

My friends came around and we had lots of food. I strategically sat myself in front of the fruit platter and picked up chunks of fruit with a Dora toothpick.

I couldn't wait to serve the cake up to my friends.

and then we chilled together for a little while in front of tv whilst Mum and Papi and their friends had coffee.

Time for presents. A Dora doll! How did they know?


I’d like to turn two everyday

December 30, 2011

My first day of being two started at 5:30am with an episode of my favourite show (you know what THAT is) followed by a family breakfast at my new table.  After breakfast Mum gave me a box covered with “Dora the Explorer”.  I thought the box was very cool.  But then Mum helped me open it and what was inside was even cooler…

"Dora the Explorer" shoes which light up when I walk.

With lights flashing at every step I bounced off to my last day at my current office (I’m going to a new place closer to our new home next year).  Today was party day.  Not just because it is my birthday but also to celebrate the end of 2011.  We all turned up in our PJs for a pajama party.  I wore my “Hello Kitty” PJs with my new “Dora” shoes, of course.

When Mum and Papi came to pick me up I was boogying to Michael Jackson on the dance floor.

It was a great party.  I wore a crown since I was the birthday girl.  My colleagues gave me a beautiful book of photos and inside jokes from the office and another book of my art work.  They also gave me big girl “Dora” underpants!  They know me so well.

My day finished with my favourite dinner which I enjoyed from ear to ear!

What a day!  Yes, I think I’d like to turn two everyday.

A birthday surprise a day early

December 29, 2011

My birthday isn’t until tomorrow but Aunty VJ surprised me tonight with a birthday gift.

I helped with the construction.

and was thrilled with the end result.

We gave it a test run with a birthday drink. Cheers!

Table and chair set is from the Mammut range from IKEA.



Lucy’s identity crisis

December 28, 2011

Lucy went to the office all fine this morning, but came home like this…

dressed in a bunny suit!

She still gives good cuddles as a rabbit.

Lucy’s sister

December 27, 2011

Lucy’s sister has come to live with us.  Even though they are identical twins they are quite different.  Lucy is paler (maybe she’s getting less sunshine in Oregon?) and she doesn’t wear a bow around her neck any more (I think Lucy is a bit more of a tom-boy) but they are best mates already.

Lucy and Lusa like going for rides together in my new stroller.

Boxing day lunch at Meriwether’s

December 26, 2011

Earlier this year, Mum was hoping for a Mother’s day lunch at Meriwether’s (where most of the produce used comes from their own farm) but that day it was completely booked out weeks in advance and we missed out.  Fortunately today we managed to get a table and found out what all the fuss was about.

They gave me some playdough to keep me occupied whilst we waited for the food.

The chicken I had for lunch was delicious.

And the teaspoon I got of Papi's dessert was pure Meriwether heaven.

I must have been good

December 25, 2011

Santa gave me so many presents I couldn't carry them all so I borrowed Papi's new back pack to keep them safe.

Then Papi wanted his back pack back so I had to load everything up into the stroller.

In the afternoon we played with my new outdoor toys. Papi was trying hard to get my butterfly to fly. He did a lot of running!

Just before the sun went back to bed we lowered the basket ball hoop outside and had a few games. Papi and I made a good team. We got lots of balls through the hoop.

Christmas Eve at Peacock Lane

December 24, 2011

Since 1929 Peacock Lane has been bringing Christmas cheer to Portland.

All the houses along the 4 blocks of the lane are covered in lights, traditional and not so traditional scenes,

and Christmas messages.

The polar bear and penguin on the see saw was my favourite.

Papi's favourite bit was going under the arches with the misteltoe. He couldn't get a kiss from me since I was on top of his shoulders, but Mum stepped in for a Christmas kiss.

Merry Christmas from Mum, Papi, my baby brother, Lucy and me!!

We were at Peacock Lane in South East Portland, OR.

Another playmate has come to stay

December 23, 2011

Look who we found at the airport this afternoon… Aunty VJ!  All the way from New Zealand!  Just to play with me!

We played hair dresser.

I styled her hair into a pony tail. It looked so nice!

Styling grandpa John's hair was a little more challenging.

The light was on in the guest room

December 22, 2011

I peaked through the gap in the door, and there I saw…

Grandpa John!