Do you think Mum is related to this guy?

Mum has an uncanny resemblance to...

this guy.

Mum went to the doctor today for my baby brother’s routine check up and as you can see he’s getting very big.  Not long to go now before we meet him.

We also discovered that the doctor is a fellow blogger.  Her blog is (mostly) about her time working as an OB in Ethiopia and is fascinating.  I recommend grabbing a moment to check out Philippa Ribbink’s Blog.


14 Responses to “Do you think Mum is related to this guy?”

  1. Abuela Wood Says:

    I think we will soon discover that underneath that big bump your Mum is her usual slender self. I think it might be your little brother who could be Mr Greedy!

  2. John Faris Says:

    Mum has a better view of the world than Mr Greedy by having much longer legs.

    • Ana Says:

      Well you don’t hear “Mum” and “long legs” together in a sentence very often – unless there is a negating clause in there somewhere. Although from my point of view, they’re quite long. Not as nearly long as Papi’s mind you!

  3. Iggy Says:

    Hi Ana, You were “bump” not all that long ago! What an exciting time!

  4. Aunty VJ Says:

    I always thought Mum was more of a Little Miss Sunshine myself.

  5. Yvette Says:

    How exciting for you all I bet you cant wait to meet your little brother.

  6. marshall ace Says:

    Surely mum is more Mr. Happy! 🙂 xo

  7. Bree at meandmy2guys Says:

    I’m rereading some blog posts. Doesn’t your mum look gorgeous here Ana?

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