Meeting Rafa

I introduced myself.

And gave him some cuddles. I had to be very gentle.

He liked my kisses! I think we're going to get on very well.

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10 Responses to “Meeting Rafa”

  1. Aunty VJ Says:

    What a lucky brother to have you xx

  2. Abuela Wood Says:

    You are one in a million, Ana! And your little brother is one in another million. Lucky Mum and Papi to have a gorgeous daughter and a gorgeous son. xx

  3. Grandpa John Says:

    Aunty VJ and Abuela have said it all about you both. (And Mum and Papi are pretty special too).

  4. Iggy Says:

    I remember when you were just at the same age as Rafa! I bet that you will help him to grow up to be as good as you. (Well, nearly as good as you …. you know what I mean.)

  5. dad Says:

    You are such a good big sis Ana, love you so much.

  6. The big one « Travelling with Ana Says:

    […] been quite a year.  Check out these big events: The day I was born and met my big sister for the first time.  I got really sick when I was four weeks old but at least I got to meet Abuela […]

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