Coming home

Papi and I wore special shirts to pick Rafa and Mum up from the hospital. Papi's says "Vamos Rafa" and mine says "Big Sis"

It was a long wait so I put Lucy in Rafa's crib to keep him company. Lucy is just on loan, of course.

Rafa proudly wore his Stars and Stripes hat and cardy and was wrapped in an NZ wool blanket all knitted by Abuela.

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10 Responses to “Coming home”

  1. John Faris Says:

    Have a good home coming – and what special clothes for all the family.

  2. Aunty VJ Says:

    Loving all the new clothes for the ´new´ family. That Stars and Stripes hat is PERFECT!! (Hope Mum gets a chance to spoil herself and get some new clothes when things calm down, too).

  3. dad Says:

    Lucy looks so content cuddling your little brother, I bet Rafa will love Lucy too!

  4. Abuela Wood Says:

    That’s a stunning shirt you’ve got there, Ana! And with Rafa in his Stars and Stripes outfit, you are all setting off home to be a really happy American family. Lucky kids having such a lovely Mum and Papi. Lucky Mum and Papi having such a lovely Ana and Rafa. xxxx

  5. Iggy Says:

    I know that you are not meant to say that boys look “cute” but, as Rafa is so young, he may not realise that yet. He does look cute.
    Ana, your whole family looks great!

  6. brismod Says:

    Oh he’s just beautiful.You all must be besotted by him. Enjoy this special time. xx

  7. Nanny Jan Says:

    Ana, your baby brother is beautiful, and such a lucky little guy to have a big sis like you! You look smashing in your new shirt! I miss you a lot! I had so much fun playing with you the last two weeks while everyone waited excitedly for his arrival! May I come for a visit and give you a hug meet Rafa? That would make my week! :o)

  8. Evil Gym Mom Says:

    Babies have to have abuela/ grandma knits to come home in! You all look fabulous 🙂

  9. Lee Says:

    Congratulations!.Cool name too.What does it mean?

    • Ana Says:

      Rafael means “God has healed” but we just liked the name. And like Rafael Nadal the tennis player! Felipe is a variant of Philip and means ‘friend of horses’. It’s a family name on my Papi’s side.

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