Over the last few days the doctors have been weaning the pressure and amount of oxygen going through Rafa’s ventilator and using methadone and ativan to help him come off some of the drugs he had become dependent on.  All to prepare for today.  Extubation day.  With the tubes out and the ventilator pushed aside for the first time in over a week, Rafa took a breath by himself.

Bye-bye ventilator.

Look at me – no tubes down my throat!! Just a nasal cannula delivering extra oxygen.  That’s much more comfortable.

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24 Responses to “Breathing”

  1. Grandpa John Says:

    That’s fabulous news and just do pleased. He looks really beautiful.

  2. Janet Says:

    Yayyyyyy. Glad that he is getting better. He is too handsome. Xoxo

  3. Iggy Says:

    Ata boy! Fingers crossed for Rafa’s progress to continue. To my untrained eye Rafa looks to be in magnificent condition given what he has been through. Great medical skill and supurb support from his immediate and world wide family. Neat!

  4. Grantie Deb Says:

    What a sigh of relief for all – no, that’s an understatement. We can all breathe again, is much closer to the mark!. So pleased for everyone. Rafa looks just wonderful and totally adorable. Very much love to all, Grantie Deb. Do you know Rachel calls herself Grantie Rachel (short for Great-aunt, of course)? And, if it’s right for her, it must be right for me, too.

  5. Aunty VJ Says:

    Fantastic news!!! So so happy to see that. Big hugs all around to the support crew and a little finger squeeze for Rafa XXOO

  6. Abuela Says:

    A magnificent milestone! A big pat on the back for all the medical team whose commitment and skill is impressive. Can’t wait for my first cuddle with this handsome fella. xx

  7. Old Boiler Says:

    Thinking about you all and sending love and hugs. Happy to hear more encouraging news.

  8. jasmine Says:

    Praise the lord! What a relief so happy to hear this thank you for the update.

  9. Sarah DeBruhl Says:

    Yay! That is such wonderful news! Hope he gets to go home soon.

  10. Rachel Hartles Says:

    So thrilled for you all – he does look happy and contented. ONwards and upwards. BIg love to you all and extra big kisses for clever Rafaxxxx

  11. Belinda Chapman Says:

    That is so wonderful to hear! I hope he is back home with you very soon. Love Bin, Robbie & Nikki

  12. brismod Says:

    I’m so pleased to hear your good news. Crossing fingers that Rafa’s recovery is quick and speedy from now on. xx

    • Ana Says:

      Apparently once he’s “over the hump” recovery can be quite quick so we’re really hoping he’s going to get better in leaps and bounds from here.

  13. Rosana Says:

    Brilliant, Rafa! You looking great! Looking forward to see your post about your fight with Ana over the “missing” soft toy soon.

  14. patricia Says:

    Nos alegramos mucho con los progresos de Rafa! Fuerza papis y fuerza Rafa que ya demostró ser un campeón!

  15. Pato Says:

    Bien Che!!!!!!!! Super Rafa!!!!!!!!

  16. Sarah Lubikowski Says:

    Well done had us all worried there, big hugs to you and your mummy, daddy and big sis xxx

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