Going home

Abuela said she's going to miss us terribly.

So she tried to pack us into her suitcase.

By Ana.



8 Responses to “Going home”

  1. Iggy Says:

    Wow! We will have to be very careful with that suitcase! Everyone is so precious to us!

    • Ana Says:

      Well Mum stepped in and told Abuela that we’d have to visit another time, and we’d have to get there in the cabin not in the baggage hold. I thought that was a bit extravagant! Doesn’t she know the baggage hold is free!

  2. Rachel Hartles Says:

    Why is it that we can’t be in tow places at once? xx

  3. Rachel Hartles Says:

    Amend that to – two places at once!

  4. Abuela Says:

    What began as such a frightening mission ended with Rafa getting better and so much very special time with you all. Magic memories of yittering, walking and shopping with Mum, touring and cooking with Papi, and the beautiful homes and eateries of Portland. (Mum likes cafes nearly as much as I do). Unforgettable times snuggling with you, Ana, and with Rafa, singing (ABCDEFG…), reading books, playing with the “BIG car”, looking for you when you are hiding (try hiding on the toilet next time you need it, not in the cupboard, under the table or behind the tree at the hospital). With a Mum and Papi like yours, Ana and Rafa, I am sad to say that leaving you behind was the best – and the hardest – thing to do. But it’s also good to be back at Iggy’s house. We’ll Skype again soon. xx

  5. The Galleria and a look back at 4 years of blogging | Travelling with Ana Says:

    […]  This is what we were up to March 9th 2013 when the sun came out, briefly, in Portland.  March 9th 2012 the day Abuela returned to New Zealand after come to visit us when Rafa was sick in […]

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