Warning: this post may gross you out

Mum has purchased a snot sucker.  It’s the latest recruit in Mum’s booger removal arsenal that’s lined up on my bedroom window sill: saline drops, sprays, wipes and fancy saline filled Q-tips.  Bulb aspirators and even a fandangle battery operated aspirator.  Unfortunately even with our small chemist at Mum’s finger tips several times a night Mum and I have screaming matches over her clumsy attempts at coaxing out my stubborn snot.

In a desperate search for another solution, Mum went online and express couriered (paying more for the speedy delivery than the contraption itself) this hose like device of which one end goes up against my snotty nostrils and the other end in her mouth… and then she successfully sucks those little boogers out!

Ana trying to use the snot sucker on herself.

It’s a NoseFrida.  The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator.  We got ours from Amzon.com

By Rafa.

PS.  Before you all get completely grossed out.  There is a filter in the device so my grotty boogers don’t end up in that back of her throat.

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6 Responses to “Warning: this post may gross you out”

  1. Clare Says:

    Yes gross out for sure. Must be a serious problem for all this effort ???

    • Ana Says:

      Yup – too many nights with booger clearing fights. THe battery one kept breaking the nasal capillaries and sucking out blood too (it’s hard to control when a screaming head is flipping from side to side). This one just gets the snot. It’s still not a popular choice, but slightly more tolerated.

  2. Abuela Says:

    Yep – grossed out alright!

  3. Iggy Says:

    Grossed out for sure! Consumerism rears its ugly head. What ever is wrong with using your finger?

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