Our first fight

The morning started out pleasant enough.  Ana and I were loaded into the pram ready for our morning walk to Ana’s office.  I was sitting upright trying to getting used to being out of the infant sling for the first time.  And then I hit her.  It was by accident.  I still don’t have much control of my limbs.  But Ana thought it was a deliberate act of brotherly violence and she hit me back!  Mum had to mediate a peace agreement.  Fortunately, probably for Mum more than anyone, we were buddies again by the time we reached Ana’s office.

Sitting side by side in the pram for the first time.

By Rafa.


6 Responses to “Our first fight”

  1. Abuela Says:

    You do look rather affronted by the whole affair, Rafa! As for Ana – I think she thinks it is all a big joke – after all, she has got longer arms than you.

  2. Iggy Says:

    Hi Rafa,
    Better tell Mum that you should be in the left seat. After all, that is the driver’s seat. If Mum or Ana start to argue, just point them to the instructions that clearly show you should be in the left seat.

    • Ana Says:

      Rafa asks: but what happens if we take the pram to NZ or Australia?

      • John Faris Says:

        Certain vehicles are controlled from the left world wide…. (and those that hover from the right world wide). None of this parochial stuff ……

  3. John Faris Says:

    Sorry, Rafa – reading your reply to your grandmother: life is not always fair. Better get used to it. (And yes follow Iggy’s advice and go for the left seat unless you want to just hover).

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