Vege faces

sweet potato head

‘aving an avo

pea pout

carrot character

squash wash

tomato trouble

By Rafa.

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6 Responses to “Vege faces”

  1. Kiwicommunicator Says:

    You all just love those yummy veges! Go Rafa and Ana – the best kai you could ever have.

  2. bree Says:

    You go kids! Give peas a chance and all that! You might need to give Amelie some tips Rafa!

    • Ana Says:

      Rafa says: Mum thinks my peas (all mushed up) is easier than giving Ana peas because they end up rolling all over the floor. Last night Papi squished a whole lot into the floor by accidentally stepping on some runaways. Peas out.

  3. Iggy Says:

    I know they say all veges are are good for you, but ‘vege faces’ doesn’t make Brussel sprouts or broad beans taste any better!

    • Ana Says:

      Mum reckons if we never know what cupcakes and mac n cheese are we’ll just keep eating our veges. Sprouts and beans included!

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