Cherry harvest

We thought the best way to harvest our cherry tree was for  Papi to hold me up, me to do the picking and Mum to collect them in the bowl.

But I could only reach the fruit on the bottom branches and the sampling rate was around 90%.

So Papi decided to make a tool out of a broom handle and a wire coat hanger to get the cherries that were out of our reach.

It was my job to collect them in the bowl.  Whilst we were managing to accumulate cherries at this stage (Mum was also picking the ones within her reach), we gave Papi’s tool a 10/10 for creativity but only a 3/10 for practicality.

Mum went and got the step stool. Papi stood on top to do the picking and I was helping Papi to stay on.

Papi said I was more help holding the bowl.

I was getting tired of just holding the bowl.

Being up on the step ladder doing the picking was much more fun.

But I didn’t anticipate the fast descent and the rough landing. Nothing that a kiss from Papi and a bowl full of cherries couldn’t fix.

By Ana.

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11 Responses to “Cherry harvest”

  1. Iggy Says:

    Ana, Our cherry tree doesn’t have any cherries. Abuela has given it a good talking to. Maybe that was the crabapple tree? They all look the same to me. Rough landings are not good! When you come to New Zealand I will be able to give you flying lessons.

  2. Abuela Says:

    We knew the cherry tree didn’t produce cherries, but discovered only last week that the crabapple tree that was supposed to put on a glorious display of crabapples was the non-crabapple bearing variety. Why any self respecting person would call a cherry tree and a crabapple tree that don’t bear fruit by those names is beyond me. I think I’ll come and check out the trees at your place!

  3. Dad Says:

    Crappable is a funny name for a tree, isn’t it?

  4. bree Says:

    Hopefully your hurts are always so easily fixed sweet girl!

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