There are advantages of taking Rafa to the doctor on a Sunday morning

I got to see all the doctor’s fish.  I also got to see inside Rafa’s ears and mouth and open the drawers with the big magnet.

Since I was so good at the doctors office I got princess stickers from the doctor (which you can see on my jacket) and a horsey ride at the supermarket.

Playland wasn’t open when we were doing the shopping so it was my chance to fill the trolley with things that Mum always forgets to buy. Although thinking about it now, I don’t think any of my selections made it home?

The best thing about visiting the doctor this morning was Rafa finally started feeling a bit better and fell asleep so Mum and I stopped for a well deserved cuppa.

By Ana.


5 Responses to “There are advantages of taking Rafa to the doctor on a Sunday morning”

  1. Abuela Says:

    Sounds like Mum might have needed that coffee to stay awake. I thhnk she might have had a rough night. Please be good to Mum, Ana!

  2. Iggy Says:

    Hi Ana, keep up with those selections at the supermarket. One day you might get lucky and something you have chosen will make it home!

  3. bree Says:

    Poor little fat Raffy. Get well soon champ. And you look like you were very good for mum Ana. Keep up the good work. PS LOVED your guns from previous post Rafa.

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