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Eat, meat and greet

June 10, 2012

Friends and neighbours gathered at our place for our first meat and greet. (Blame Papi for the bad pun).

The engineers discussed the air velocity going through the chimney starter.

I had so many friends to play with. We completely trashed the play room and then used the deck as a jungle gym.

Rafa did the rounds for cuddles again and choose Kim for his afternoon nap.

By Ana.

The Grand Floral Parade

June 9, 2012

The Grand Floral Parade is the “crown jewel” of the Rose Festival.  A very big deal in this part of the world.  We got there early enough to secure a perfect spot on the curb and in close proximity to hot coffee for Mum and Papi.  I felt like I needed a caffeine hit too after three hours of dancing, waving, drumming and cheering.

Dancing on the street.

We knew clarinet and piccolo players in this marching band.

The rodeo queens were very friendly. Each queen was followed by a poopper scooper team. For the horse, of course.

Sharing the spot on the curb came with the benefits of a new friend and a bottle of bubbles.

There were over 90 parade groups in all including 21 equestrian teams, 18 marching bands and 14 floral floats.

The Rose Festival is celebrating it’s 105th year but this is the 100th anniversary of the parade which was cancelled five times due to war.

Other milestone celebrated in the parade Union Pacific marking 150 years of rail service (They drove a mini diesel train in the parade).  It’s also 100 years of Women’s suffrage in Oregon and 100 years of the girl scouts.

By Ana.

My family has extremely poor taste

June 8, 2012

Papi wears Crocs and they are just BIG and UGLY.

I’ve caught Mum wearing Crocs with flared yoga pants and that looks HIDEOUS!

Ana wears Crocs with socks! That’s so offensive it should be against the law.

I’m NEVER going to wear those awful shoes.

By Rafa.

Last night I promised to stay in my bedroom

June 7, 2012

I said nothing about staying in my bed.

By Ana.


June 6, 2012

I gave Mum another scare last night.  When Rafa and I were finally quiet upstairs she went to do her nightly rounds to check on us and discovered I wasn’t in my bed.

Look where she found me fast asleep. I’d even been reading her book (and forgot where her book mark should go). 

By Goldilocks.

Too big?

June 5, 2012

Mum says I’m too big for the infant seat in the pram because my legs stick out the end.

And she says I’m too big for my seat because the swing mechanism doesn’t work any more when I’m in it.

But I ask you:  Am I too big?  Or are they just making things too small these days?

By Rafa.

Promoted and approved

June 4, 2012

I’m celebrating two huge milestones today:

I’ve been promoted to the preppers’ room at my office.

And I’ve been officially approved to permanently live in the US with the arrival of my green card.

By Ana.


June 3, 2012

First course for the first time (after Mum found a bib that fitted around my neck).

Seconds. Just as good as the first time.

I could go a third helping if it isn’t too much trouble?

By Rafa.


June 2, 2012

Where else can I…

Dive head first through an enchanted tree.

Surf on the back of a fish in my spotted tights.

Abseil off a tall bridge when there is a giant duck, who is the same height as the bridge, waiting for me at the bottom.

Only at Munchkin Playland.

By Ana.

Who said you shouldn’t leave the house in your Pjs?

June 1, 2012

Not me! Tonight was the big Music Together Pajama Jam!

I was drumming in my Pjs.

And dancing in my Pjs with Mum.. who was also out of the house in her Pjs!

I won a door prize.  But that had nothing to do with Pjs.  It was a book, a CD and a train whistle. Whoo hoo!

To top off the night, I got Rafa really jealous.  Mum said I shouldn’t tease.  I’ll make it up to him by sharing the door prize.

By Ana.