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The bottle vs boobies

July 31, 2012

Oh, I’ll “take” the bottle just fine.  But drink from it?

No way, Jose!

By Rafa.  A boobies man at age 6 months.


Ana vs the plate

July 30, 2012

I had a bit of an altercation with a breakfast plate this morning.  I was fine but the plate, well, a little worse for wear.

I tried to put the pieces back together but they wouldn’t stay stuck.  Now I know how Humpty Dumpty felt.

By Ana.



July 29, 2012


We were at Sweet Tomatoes, our favourite fast food restaurant – because a salad bar IS fast food.

By Ana.

Party in the park

July 28, 2012

There was a big community party near our house today.  When Mum said we were going to a party I thought there was a chance I might get birthday cake but Mum said it wasn’t that kind of a party.

I got a heart tattoo on my face.  I didn’t want to wash it off in the bath tonight. Mum made me.

The bouncy carousel was great fun… until I had a head on collision with a boy running in the opposite direction.

The bouncy train was more my speed. We went in one end…

and out the other! I went through five times but then the operators got cranky when I didn’t want to come out and tried going back the other way. That’s when Mum said it was time to go.

By Ana.




Uncle Billy has no mates, but the Olympic flame went right on by

July 27, 2012

Our Uncle, Billy has had an exciting morning.  The Olympic flame went right past his cafe!  (Check out “Billy No Mates Cafe” in the background of the photo).  Our uncle might have no mates but he sure does have great coffee and croissants and he’s opened until late so hungry Londoners and Olympic visitors alike don’t need to go hungry (or thirsty after 5pm).  If you are in London and want to become one of Billy’s mates so you can get mates rates comment below or email us and we’ll tell you how.

The flame procession right in front of our uncle’s cafe.

Billy No Mates is located at 4-5 North End Parade, West Kensington, W14 0SJ.  Ph 0203 6327 151.

By Billy's niece and nephew.




July 26, 2012

A pinch of this.

A sprinkle of that.

Stir it up. I think I’m ready for Master Chef.

By Ana.



Another source of at home entertainment

July 25, 2012

Running around the house from window to window to wave at the gardeners.  I think I got at least half a dozen waves back and double that in smiles.

By Ana.

Toothless no more

July 24, 2012

The tip of my first tooth sprouted over night.

Mum said I can still wear my “toothless and ruthless” bib because it’s still 50% true.

By Rafa.

Bye bye holiday

July 23, 2012

Bye bye holiday.

Hello four loads of post holiday laundry.

By Rafa.



Yakima and the agricultural museum

July 22, 2012

Yakima is known for its top notch fruit orchards but other than gorging on cherries and apples there isn’t much to do where we were staying near downtown.  Whilst we were trying to find a spot for a some fresh air and a run around we happily chanced on the Central Washington Agricultural Museum.  A guy in a golf cart appeared as we got out of the car and explained where the registration book was and directed us to the entrance.  “There’s 17 acres of stuff that way” he said, “I hope you enjoy it”.

It was kind of like a graveyard for anything that has been on a farm in the Yakima Valley in the past 150 years.  Some bits were quite organised, others were more of an interesting pile up of stuff.

Papi said he’d used these types of cultivators on his Papi’s farm when he was a kid.  The sign said they were c 1900s so I was trying to do the math on how old that makes Papi.

Papi also explained how to cook up a guiso on this agar that was once used to make meals for all the workers at a sheep station.

Mum liked all the petrol pumps standing in a row. She also found the fruit and vege harvesters interesting. Some of them were experimental one of a kind contraptions.

Rafa spent a lot of time checking out the tractors with Papi.

And I wondered how I would managed to get milk out of the big jug on this wagon and into my cup.

The museum exhibits are outdoors which we really liked as it combined a leg stretch with something a bit different to look around.  It’s free to visit (donations welcome) and run by volunteers.

By Ana.