Around Mt Rainier



Once Rafa was up I read him a few stories whilst the car was being packed up.

Then we were off to explore.  We drove up to Mt Rainier National Park enjoying checking out the B&Bs and log cabins nestled in the forest setting and then went back on ourselves through Ashford and on to Elbe.  Just before Elbe we stopped at Dan Klennert’s sculpture park which is a different kind of wildlife park from yesterday.  All his animals are made from metal and wood.

The spider looked very mean!

Then into Elbe for lunch.

We ate on a train! Except this one couldn’t move.  No choo choo only chew chew (blame Grandpa John for that one).

We were given our own cabin and I sat at my own little table. I liked this restaurant!

A closed road meant a detour through Eatonville.  We were rewarded with this view:

Mt Rainier itself.

And then off to our next destination.

Seattle!  It’s hard to believe this place has a reputation for constant rain.

We arrived in plenty of time to still have a stroll along the waterfront and grilled salmon and veges for dinner on the pier before bed time.

By Ana.


7 Responses to “Around Mt Rainier”

  1. Abuela Says:

    I wonder if they do a combo – salmon and veges served in the stationary train! That would be perfection – like the blue sky in Seattle.

    • Ana Says:

      The train was stationed inland so we stuck to inland food groups, but when visiting the North West on the coast the salmon is a must.

  2. bree Says:

    Awesome trip! I’m jealous. I want to visit Seattle. Where are you off to next?

  3. Iggy Says:

    Ana, Did you whisper “Boeing factory, Boeing factory, Boeing factory to Mum and Papi?

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