22.9 kilos

Mum is proud of her travel preparation efforts.  Not only has she fitted everything in one suitcase (so there is a spare hand for us) but it’s 100gm below the weight limit.  I might stick in another pair of pants…

unpacking Ana's Princess water bottle.

I’m sure “don’t touch” doesn’t apply to Ana’s Princess water bottle.

She won't mind sharing.

She won’t mind sharing.

See you soon New Zealand!


6 Responses to “22.9 kilos”

  1. Bree at meandmy2guys Says:

    Have fun!!

  2. Abuela Says:

    Well done, Mum! That still looks one heck of a big bag for a little Mummy with two young ‘uns to look out for. We’ll be there to give you a hand on arrival.

  3. Iggy Says:

    Hey Rafa, Go easy mate! I might have to put the trailer on the Corolla if you keep on adding things to the bag.

  4. Evil Gym Mom Says:

    Really looking forward to seeing you!! (if you have any time spare from all the Abuela love that’s waiting…)

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