Jacksonville and the 4th July Picnic

We celebrated the 4th July in Jacksonville which was the first town to be named a National Historic Landmark.  Jacksonville was established in 1851 and the most of the buildings in their main street were built that decade.  In 1859 it was the largest town in Oregon with a population of 10,000.  Today the 2,800 people who live their do a great job at maintaining it’s mid 19th century beginnings.  We toured the town on the Jacksonville Trolley and learnt a bit about it’s history and the mix of people from all over the world who came their for the gold rush.

5 Jacksonville

5 Jacksonville 1

5 Jacksonville Trolley

Then we joined the locals at their 4th July picnic in front of the courthouse.  That was a lot of fun, especially the dunk tank and watermelon.  We made new friends and enjoyed the BBQ put on by the council.

5 picnic

5 Rafa watermelon

5 dunk cage

5 dunk tank 2

5 family

By Ana.

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7 Responses to “Jacksonville and the 4th July Picnic”

  1. Abuela Says:

    You just wrap those jaws round that watermelon, Rafa! Have an extra bite for us!

  2. Iggy Says:

    Happy 4th July to all Americans! Jacksonville seems like just the right place to be to celebrate.

  3. Bree at meandmy2guys Says:

    How fun. And a lovely portrait of you all.

    • Ana Says:

      We don’t get many family shots because Mum is always on the other side of the camera! The town’s archivist offered to take this one for us.

  4. Doug on Facebook Says:

    That place looks neat!

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