The Old Town of Bandon

This is the view from my bedroom at the Sea Star Guesthouse in Bandon.

11 downstairs view

And this is the view from Mum and Papi’s bed.

11 upstairs view

Not surprisingly, none of us got out of Mum and Papi’s bed until 8am. We enjoyed a long, leisurely breakfast and then headed to the Port of Bandon for a stroll and to admire all the art and sculptures. 

11 Port of Bandon

11 Rafa at port of Bandon

11 whale riding

We headed into the shops to escape the wind and cold and ended up purchasing and extrememly tacky, plasticky windchime.  I think me breaking it in the shop had something to do with how we ended up with that.  All of a sudden the shopping excursion was over and we were back having an afternoon nap at our seaside cabin.  Tough break.  The plan is to head back down to the port for fresh fish for dinner tonight.  I think I better be on my best behaviour or I’ll be sleeping in the dog house.

By Rafa.

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5 Responses to “The Old Town of Bandon”

  1. Bree at meandmy2guys Says:

    Were you being a bit thuggish Rafa?

  2. Abuela Says:

    Hmm – seeing you all dressed up like that shows it must be pretty cold. I’d be doing all I could to stay out of that kennel and find myself a place between Mum and Dad in their bed with the view!

  3. Iggy Says:

    I know all about the doghouse. I was there from time-to-time when I was younger. However, I have not been there for many years now. Shows that some learning can happen ……

  4. Our treasures | Travelling with Ana Says:

    […] that wind chime we had to buy?  It now has a home in our cubby house and we LOVE it, especially […]

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