Washed ashore

Washed Ashore is a super cool Bandon based art project where volunteers pick up plastic beach debris, take it to the Artula institute of art, clean it, sort it, cut it and turn it into giant sea sculptures.  In the first year more than 500 community volunteers have been involved, over 20 miles of beach have been cleaned, over 7,000 lbs of beach rubbish collected and all of it has been turned into art. 

Rafa and I loved that we were allowed to interact with the sculptures.  We could run through the jellyfish as they were spun around us.  I checked out Henry’s (the fish’s) teeth, Mum walked underneath an oil spill, Papi strolled through whale bones and Rafa played the musical star fish.


12 white seal

12 jellyfish

12 star fish

12 brown seal

Mum and I spent some time in the workshop.  There were a number of tables set up with different current projects.  Mum and I made fluffy white puffin feathers and red, white and blue star fish scales following the specified patterns.  When the star fish is finished it will go to live in the aquarium in San Antonio.  It would be amazing to see it there one day knowing that we made a few of its scales!

12 workshop 1

12 workshop 2

12 workshop 3

If you’re in Bandon this is a must see (although I gather some of the pieces are travelling and the project is expanding so check out the website).  The admission and workshops are free and there are also great souvenirs to buy which help fund the project.  Mum bought some stainless steel lunch boxes as a step to reduce our plastic.

By Ana.

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4 Responses to “Washed ashore”

  1. Bree at meandmy2guys Says:

    Getting your craft on girls! ! Love it!

  2. Abuela Says:

    What a wonderful way to turn an threat into an opportunity.

  3. Iggy Says:

    Hi Ana, Did your windchime get made into a puffin feather or was it starfish scales? That would be a good outcome for tacky plasticky things.

  4. Washed ashore | Kiwi Communicator Says:

    […] Washed ashore. […]

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