Going home

We left Bandon shortly after breakfast and headed North, time to go home.  It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for repeated games of “veo, veo” (a Spanish version of “I Spy”).  We stopped for lunch and a run around at a park soon after we hit the I5 where the local residents were wanting to share our lunch.  Ana was a little scared, but I wanted to go and play with them.

The first picnic table we choose was a little too popular with the local park residents.

They didn’t get the hint when we swapped tables on the other side of the park.

About an hour from home Mum passed us back some Larabars, followed a short while later by wipes.  We were entertained by that until we were pulling up to our house mid afternoon.

V Rafa face

V Rafa wipe 1

V Rafa wipe 2

Now Ana has gone from pink Princess dress to white ballet tutu to Snow White gown checking they are all still as she had left them and I’m going through the ball box making sure they’re all still present and accounted for.

By Rafa.

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4 Responses to “Going home”

  1. kiwicommunicator Says:

    Who needs expensive toys when you have a wipe to play with! We have so much enjoyed travelling with you on your holiday. xxxx

  2. Bree at meandmy2guys Says:

    Ah yes the bum wipe. The eternal child pleaser. Glad you got home safe 🙂

  3. Iggy Says:

    Good thing those geese did not get any of your toes!

    • Ana Says:

      One did brush up against Mum’s leg under the picnic table when she was taking the photo of them following us and that gave both her and me (sitting next to her) a fight! I didn’t want to put my legs under the table after that.

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