Chihuly Garden and Glass

I thought Mum was a bit crazy wanting to take us kids to a place that’s full of glass!  But the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition was awesome.

Chihuly 1

Chihuly 2

Chihuly 3

Chihuly 4

Chihuly 5

Chihuly 6

Chihuly Rafa

Chihuly 7

Chihuly 8

Chihuly 9

Chihuly 10

Chihuly Family


5 Responses to “Chihuly Garden and Glass”

  1. Bree @ meandmy2guys Says:

    That will be the highlight of my trip I think. I could go back there every day.

  2. Abuela Says:

    What exquisite photos. Please book me in there when we finally make it to Seattle.

    • Ana Says:

      It’s just by the Space Needle so super easy to find. $19 / person to get in (or $33 / person if you want to go up the needle too).

  3. Iggy Says:

    Wow! I will promise to be VERY, VERY careful when we visit Chihuly Garden and Glass. Honest!

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