In, but not connected

The good news is:

We're in!  And we've found all the essentials.

We’re in! And we’ve found all the essentials.

But we’re not connected until the middle of next week.  The company we chose for our communications and alarm were supposed to come yesterday but when we rang them to find out why they missed their installation window they informed us that they weren’t wired up for our area until the 1st of March!  Whilst they offered us all sorts of deals to keep us as a customer, just starting in a months time, we rang their competitor who is already wired and we only need to wait for a technician to come out.  Needless to say, the blog might be a bit sporadic until sometime next week.

8 Responses to “In, but not connected”

  1. Abuela Says:

    This must be some castle with such a dazzling princess and a dashing knight. And since when did castles have any such thing as “connections”? Golly, didn’t they have moats to keep everyone else out?

  2. Iggy Says:

    Watch out for the dragons! Dragons can be particularly restless in new areas that are not fully connected, especially when it is colder than normal. Pull up the drawbridge and check that the moat is not frozen!

  3. John Faris Says:

    I think we used to survive without being connected – but it was such a long time ago, I can’t recall …..

  4. Sofia on Facebook Says:

    ella es dulce como la madre y él indio como el padre, igualmente me da mucha alegria verlos jugar juntos. Los amo!!!!!!!

  5. Lou on Facebook Says:

    Tal cual!!indio cunetero!!

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