Bath time. FaceTime. Bed time

FaceTime with Papi sandwiched between bath time and bed time.

Bath time.  FaceTime.  Bedtime.                                            “Te quiero mucho Papi.  Buenas noches!”


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3 Responses to “Bath time. FaceTime. Bed time”

  1. Bree @ meandmy2guys Says:

    Boys and their toys!

  2. iggytheaviator Says:

    And a cuddle from Mum!

  3. Abuela Says:

    I hear your Papi has a special song for you. You will always love and remember that song. I used to sing your Mum to sleep with a song that went “Bye bye baby, bye bye baby.” It’s a song I learnt from Grandpa John’s Grandma, so it’s a very special song from long ago. Your Mum used to go to sleep very quickly when I sang to her. Everyone else said it was the fastest way to stop me from making that funny noise. Hmmmph!

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