Me: I’m a fairy and look, I have a wand so what magic do you want me to do?

Mum: Could you wave your magic wand over the playroom and clean it up please?

Me: I don’t know a spell for that.

[Ana 1, Mum 0]

*   *   *

Me: Mom can I breathe fire in the house?

Mum: I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

Me: Why not?

Mum: Because the house might burn down.

Me: It’s not REAL fire Mom!  Look, haaaaaaa (breathing out)

Mum: Well I guess that’s okay then.

[Ana 2, Mum 0]

*   *   *

[Mum just finishing all the cleaning up]

Me: Mom, can you read this book now please?

Mum: Can I just relax for a minute first?

Me: But reading IS relaxing!

[Ana 3, Mum 0]





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8 Responses to “Winning?”

  1. Bree @ meandmy2guys Says:

    Oh dear Ana you are running rings around mum at the moment! !

  2. Rosana Says:

    Just love it! It’s me over here losing everyday too!

  3. kiwicommunicator Says:

    Out of the mouth of babes! (Yep, Ana, you are some babe!)

  4. iggytheaviator Says:

    Zip it kid.

  5. John Faris Says:

    Ana – it may be politic to allow Mum the occasional win.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Ana, how difficult is it to become a fairy? I would love to have a wand – it sounds like so much fun!

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