About fairies and princesses and things

Me: Is the tooth fairy a real fairy?

Mum: I think so.

Me: I think I’d like to be a tooth fairy.

Mum: Why is that?

Me: Because I think I’d like to wander about at night.

*     *     *

(discussing similes)

Mum:  Pretty as a…

Me: unicorn

Mum:  Small as a…

Me: ladybug

Mum: Kind like a….

Me: princess

Mum: Sharp as a…

Me: shark

Mum:  loud as a…

Me: cow!

*     *     *

(Papi comes out in his Hawaiian shirt)

Me:  Papi, are you in your swimming gear?

*     *     *

Me: We learnt about snakes at school today

Mum: What can you tell me about snakes?

Me: Mom, I don’t know anything about snakes.  I only know about fairies and princess things.

Ana May 19

7 Responses to “About fairies and princesses and things”

  1. Bree @ meandmy2guys Says:

    Guy is very interested in snakes… He can tell you all about them Ana 😉

  2. John Faris Says:

    When you are a princess, of course it is most important to know all about princesses. Who would think otherwise?

  3. iggytheaviator Says:

    I know all about the tooth fairy – because I know the tooth fairy is REAL!

  4. Abuela Says:

    I love your similes, Ana. They are as creative as …

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