Our first block party

We had SO.MUCH.FUN at our first block party.  There were about as many toys to share as there were plates of food and all the big kids played with us too.  We LOVE this town!

block party 1

block party 2

block party 3

block party 4

block party 5

block party 6

block party 7

block party 8

block party 9

block party 10

block party 11

block party 12


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2 Responses to “Our first block party”

  1. Abuela Says:

    Those big kids look super special! Clearly from lovely families. I wonder if they realise what great memories that playing with the big kids leave with you younger guys. (Many thanks to the unknown Standard Four boy who piggy-backed five-year-old me over the clay piles at our brand new school in Torbay. I will never forget the joy of being involved with playing with the big kids.)

  2. iggytheaviator Says:

    Did I see some competitor for Dusty there? Mind you, Hudson Hornet does have bit of a ring to it.

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