Bare feet

Mum: Well then you’ll just need to go bare feet.

Me: Without shoes?

Mum: That’s right.  That’s what bare feet is.

Me: Because bear’s don’t wear shoes?



8 Responses to “Bare feet”

  1. Bree @meandmy2guys Says:

    Exactly Ana! Nailed it.

  2. iggytheaviator Says:

    The Drop Bears that I have been told about wear hob-nail boots. They are real mean bears. I have never seen one, but I know that they are there!

  3. Abuela Says:

    Bear feet may be fine, but you have to watch out for bear hands – hairy with big claws!

  4. Abuela Says:

    I guess you must have bear feet from eating all that NZ honey!

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