The bonus present

A boy in my class couldn’t come to my birthday party, so I said to his Mom, “Hey!  You guys didn’t come to my party so you have to bring my present to school!”



And it's princess lego… so cool!

And it’s princess lego… so cool!  

Apparently I’m never allowed to do that again.

Mum’s edit: DYING of embarrassment right now….

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7 Responses to “The bonus present”

  1. Bree @meandmy2guys Says:

    Classic Ana! Nice work.

  2. Abuela Says:

    If the other Mom has not yet been embarrassed by her child, one day she will be! Parenthood – the great leveller. I must take some responsibility for Ana’s proactive stance around birthdays. (It’s clearly genetic.) I was a little slower on the uptake than Ana and my first effort was to knock on the door of our brand new neighbours to ensure that they realised it was my seventh birthday in three days’ time. I still think the telling off I got was most unreasonable :-). I find it a most effective way of ensuring your birthday is acknowledged, so just in case anyone is in doubt, my birthday is on
    Sunday. I have a list of suitable gifts available if anyone is unsure what I would like. xx

  3. IggytheAviator Says:

    I think that Abuela’s reminder is aimed solely at me! Quite justified too, given past performance.

  4. Abuela Says:

    You are in good company, Iggy!

  5. John Faris Says:

    Mum is learning that what goes around comes around even if in modified form. Ask your Mum if she remembers saying “Dad, you got away with it!” as we walked on from the Immigration Officer on a ship in the middle of the Englush Channel in late 1984. I was embarrassed enough and in big trouble with Abuela already.

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