What to do on 100+ degree days

It's 104 today (40C)

It’s 104F today (40C)

A lot of this

So here we are!

In other summertime news – I’m swimming from where we are in the picture to where the ladders are diagonally back to the left and right of us, so look! No floaties for me! Rafa still has to wear them.

5 Responses to “What to do on 100+ degree days”

  1. Bree @meandmy2guys Says:

    Good job Ana! It’s very pleasant here at the moment 20-25 in the day. Love this time of year.

  2. John Faris Says:

    It’s a lovely 12deg here in Piccadilly – not London, but a suburb of Kalgoorlie – and been for a walk rather than a swim. Home tonight.

  3. Jennifer Hunt Says:

    That is excellent Ana! The water looks so inviting and you all look relaxed. Keep up the good work with the floaties Rafa!! I am guessing that Papi can swim the same as you Ana, or maybe a little more!

  4. Abuela Says:

    One fish – next summer two fish!

  5. iggytheaviator Says:

    Next target is to do it under water! This will be soon, I am sure!

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