Whilst Mum and Papi were away

Whilst Mum and Papi were away we were treated to a fun-packed 24 hours which included digging for dinosaur bones in the garden, a night light tour, waffles for breakfast (with syrup!) a trip to the bakery and a play in the park. It’s exhausting hanging out with Abuela and Iggy!

3 Responses to “Whilst Mum and Papi were away”

  1. Bree Says:

    Oldies (sorry A & I) sure know how to run youngies off their feet don’t they! But want to know a secret? I bet after you leave Abuela and Iggy will sleep for a week!

  2. Iggy the aviator Says:

    And today I left Abuela to do it alone while I went flying!

  3. Abuela Says:

    As long as I keep to the kid’s bedtimes, I reckon I can hack the pace – just!

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