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Our superheroes

January 31, 2016


Mardi Gras in Cross Creek Ranch

January 30, 2016

There was a mini Mardi Gras parade today in our neighbourhood put on by some local Cajun families. We put on our New Orleans shirt to get into the spirit and joined in the neighbourhood fun!

Science Fair

January 28, 2016

Last night we did our family science fair project, racing cars down ramps – so cool. The steeper the ramp the further the cars traveled because of the effect of gravity. I had the fastest car. Apparently that’s because my car had less friction, either that or a better driver.

Tonight we got to present our project at the office and see lots of other cool sciency stuff like learning about static electricity, how salt melts ice and how magnets work, the solar system, what’s in our blood, making dinosaur footprints and fossils, playing with a very agile robot and our personal favourite, making a phase of the moon from Oreo cookies.

My Wednesday task

January 27, 2016


I’m gonna move my feet tonight

January 25, 2016

More of four

January 23, 2016

But wait! There’s more to turning four…. A couple of my bestest buddies came over for burgers and cake last night. It was such a late night we were all too knackered to blog after everyone went home and we’ve all just had an afternoon nap trying to catch up on sleep. It was one wild party!


January 21, 2016

Up at the crack of dawn eating King Cake for breakfast…. hey that’s weird?


It’s all ‘cos I’m turning FOUR today!


At afternoon tea time Mum turned up at the office with birthday cupcakes for me and my friends.


and everyone sang; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RAFA!


then it was present time!


A power cut meant we had to get the flashlights out to put together the train set


The power cut didn’t bother me AT ALL because it also meant we had to order in Pizza – just as the delivery guy turned up the lights came back on. Good timing Pepperonis!


Yep, I’ve had a good day and I’m one happy four year old!

After school adventure with Mum

January 20, 2016

It was so exciting to go on a surprise after-school adventure with Mum today. We first visited the Sweet Tooth shop to use my spin-the-wheel ticket that came home from school with my glowing school report. I had a most successful spin, winning a chocolate ice-cream shake! Then we went to the Library to finish off the 2×2 book list – now I’ve read them all and can hand in my report tomorrow. My favourite book was ‘The Princess in Black’.

I love Mummy and me time. Especially when it involves ice-cream and books.


January 19, 2016
Rafa Michealangelo

Today our teachers put paper on the under side of the table so we could paint the ceiling Michelangelo style. Mine looked just like the Sistine Chapel ceiling, for sure.

MLK day at Papi’s office

January 18, 2016

I had an awesome day hanging out at Papi’s office for our MLK day holiday. He helped me with some homework and I did my sticker book. We went to lunch together and then we went to visit his office neighbour (a beauty supplies place). I admired this beautiful hair accessories set and he gave it to me!