Gingerbread boy sightings

The Gingerbread boy spent December travelling all over the world and my class have been tracking his journey. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me about his whereabouts.

He was spotted all over New Zealand: on the shot over jet, bungy jumping, down by the Waikato river and admiring the water lilies in Hamilton Gardens. He was seen in Ashburton on the Southern East Coast of New Zealand and Shantytown on the Southern West Coast.

He went all over Australia too. He was seen on the Wynnum Pier in Queensland, Australia, and Grandpa John saw him in Whyalla, Adelaide and Canberra (with a girl!) and he was also spotted in Melbourne having a coffee before heading off for a surf.

Then he must have headed over to Europe. He visited several villages in the UK, including Knutsford (which he reportedly intends to return to for the May Day Parade) and Cruden Bay (Scotland) where he was spotted at the beach. Aunty VJ saw him checking out some famous tourist spots in London, and out on the coast of Spain in Valencia. He must have been in Madrid too because another friend saw him dancing around a flag pole in the Plaza Mayor! He was also seen in Malta boarding a boat to sail out to the Island of Comino, he really must like the water, a lot of people saw him by the coast or hanging out by rivers.

He was also spotted by my friend’s dad in Toronto, he sent a post card to me from there. Valentina saw him running down the hill from Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia and Claude the Camel told Bob that he saw him at the Mall in Dubai! My class mate’s friends and family spotted him all over the place too. It was so fun tracking his travels, what a trip!


My postcards from around the world reporting Gingerbread Boy sightings.


2 Responses to “Gingerbread boy sightings”

  1. Iggy the aviator Says:

    Have you tried to figure out how much time Gingerbread boy spent in airport departure lounges? From what I calculate, he would not have had any time in hotels at all. He must be better than most of us who find it hard to sleep in lounges or on flights. Where is he now?

  2. Abuela Says:

    The fastest running gingerbread man ever!

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